How We Make a Difference

Preparing Today’s Young Generation for Tomorrow’s World

About Chanakya Academy

Chanakya Academy Founder & Managing Director is Mr. Bala Madhusudana Reddy. He is a career-oriented person. It was founded in 2017, his main aim to start this institute is to serve most students to achieve their career goals.

Over the years we have become one of the top leading educational institutes in twin cities. We are driven to make learning process highly effective and explicit. Focus on career oriented activities to benefit students and commitment to build value by making Chanakya is a truly sustainable organization.

One of the biggest challenges we face is providing accessible, quality education, with a focus on improving competitiveness, our team has taken a creative approach to reform best teaching methods.

Chanakya Academy offers courses that develop skills like Communication, Teamwork, Critical thinking, and Flexibility. Our team aims to embrace collaborative learning and foster thoughtful, productive, and engaged students.


Who We Are

Faculty at Chanakya is Outstanding, Vibrant, Dynamic, Dedicated, Competent, Supportive and Responsible. 

Our qualified teachers have years of experience and will teach you, providing a unique and valuable learning experience.

The institute is peaceful environment with skilled instructors who will assist in making sure every student is well prepared for their future.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to supporting our students in achieving success.
Chanakya has helped many young students make their dreams come true.

We aim to be the most admired institution for coaching and to fulfill the dreams of young aspirants through our quality education. 

We are committed to providing a positive, safe and stimulating environment for students to learn, where all are valued.

Our Mission

In continued quest for knowledge, our academy ‘s mission is to create an impactful learning environment for our students that provides a sense of achievement while they can be adaptive and interactive with fellow learners as well as instructors. 

We also aim to provide quality education to aspiring candidates at budget-friendly prices.

Our Vision

At Chanakya Academy, we’re always moving forward, pushing the boundaries of teaching and learning. We dare to see things in a different way and want to build a better educational realm. 

To do this, we’ve brought together teams of engineers, subject matter experts, professors and other professionals, who all share the same vision.

A Better Environment for Education and Preparing for the Future

Chanakya Academy Features:

Our Main Courses

B.Tech Tuitions

B.TECH Tuitions

Learn to use linear and non-linear components for the designing of electronic devices and circuits. 

Software Coaching


Acquire knowledge of electrical and electronics technology, power engineering, and circuit analysis.

EAMCET Coaching

Build a strong foundation in the field of computer science by learning programming languages & computation.

ECET Coaching

ECET Coaching

Develop your IT skills to solve organizational and business problems with the application of technology. 

For more information about Chanakya Academy, and how we can help you get a satisfying academic experience, contact us today!