Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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Develop your electrical and electronics engineering skills with this EEE course which enables you to manage the largest power grids and design the smallest electronics circuit. 

About the Course

This Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Course enables you to gain technical knowledge of designing, developing, and testing electrical and electronics circuits and equipment. In this 4 years EEE degree course, you will develop a foundation in the initial 2 years. Then, you will focus your learning on the core and specialized subjects such as signals and systems, electromagnetics, embedded systems, controllers and processors, signal processing, etc. 

What will You Learn?

In this Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) course, you will learn computer programming, circuit analysis, digital electronics, system design, digital signal processing, analog circuits, electromagnetic fields, circuits, signals, and systems, etc. 

  • You will develop an in-depth understanding of electrical and electronics circuits used in various systems. 
  • Learn from industry expert professionals and gain practical knowledge in the subjects. 
  • Master skills and deal with the development and maintenance of electronics systems and electrical equipment. 


Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

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