Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Tuition

BTech Mechanical Engineering Tuition Centre / Tutorials Point in Jntu, Hyderabad

If you want to deal with machines and automobiles in your career, then this Mechanical Engineering Course is the right fit for you. 

About the Course

In this Mechanical Engineering Course, you will learn to deal with the design, operation, and production of machines. You will gain knowledge and understanding of heavy tools and machines and learn to design aircraft, automobiles, electric motors, and other heavy vehicles. However, there is a huge demand for mechanical engineers in India and abroad as we are very touched with machines, vehicles, etc. in our day-to-day lives. So, students pursuing mechanical engineering can experience amazing career opportunities in the automobile industry. 

What will You Learn?

In this Mechanical Engineering Course, you will develop creative and analytical skills through which you can work on the design goals, product design and implementation, and overcome any constraints. 

  • You will be dedicated to learning Engineering Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Material Science and Engineering, Dynamics of Machines, Heat Transfer, Fluid Machinery, etc. 
  • You will also learn advanced concepts in subjects such as Steam Power Plant, Manufacturing Processes, Metrology and Metallography Lab, Electrohydraulic Control Systems, etc. 
  • After this Mechanical Engineering course, you can pursue a Master’s in Specializations or acquire a job for profiles such as Design Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Service Engineer, Mechanical Designer, Instructional Designer, Assistance Mechanical Engineer, and Purchase and Quality Control Executive. 


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