Electronics and Communication Engineering
Btech ECE

BTech ECE Tuition Centre / Tutorials Point in Jntu, Hyderabad

This ECE course will teach you electronic hardware design, signal processing and analysis, software programming, microprocessor interfacing, and computer control. 

About the Course

This Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Course prepares you to apply the development and operational evaluation of electronic systems and their components, mathematical and scientific principles to the design, and do the analysis of problems such as wave propagation, superconductor, and amplification. Furthermore, you will learn to design, manufacture, develop, and test electronic devices, communications equipment, and circuits. 

What will You Learn?

In this Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) course, you will learn the core concepts such as basic electronics, analog transmission, microprocessors, satellite communication, digital and analog communication, etc. 

  • Industry-experienced professional trainers who can deliver an in-depth explanation of the concepts. 
  • You can further expand your knowledge in specializations such as signal processing, control engineering, VLSI design engineering, telecommunications engineering, etc. 
  • We create an impact on your learning with the practical sessions. 


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