Civil Engineering
Btech Civil Tuition

BTech CIVIL Engineering Tuition Centre / Tutorials Point in Jntu, Hyderabad

Civil Engineering deals with the design, plan, execution, and construction of buildings, apartments, roads, and other public infrastructure.  

About the Course

The development of public infrastructure is the greatest need in every city, area, and locality. With the increasing adoption of modern lifestyles, there are numerous projects coming into existence, to improve and modernize infrastructure according to the current requirements. So, the demand for civil engineers is wide and thus, students pursuing this Civil Engineering Course can experience great career opportunities. However, in this Civil Engineering Course, you will learn from expert professionals and gain in-depth knowledge on the subjects.

What will You Learn?

In this Civil Engineering course, you will gain theoretical knowledge on the subjects and learn to apply your skills to solve real-time challenges. 

  • In the initial 2 years, you will gain a basic understanding of engineering fields and also develop a foundation knowledge of civil engineering. 
  • Furthermore, you will learn subjects such as Design of RC Structures, Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering, Design of Steel Structures, IT & CAD Applications, etc. 
  • After your Civil Engineering Course, you will be ready for the job profiles such as Geotechnical Engineer, Structural Engineer, Site Engineer, Lecturer/ Professor, or Construction Engineer, or you can even pursue higher education. 


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